When you schedule massage service, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is the type of message you’d like. You’ll quickly learn that there are several different types of massage in Highlands Rancho CO available, each bringing a slew of benefits. Learn a bit more about each type of massage below.

1.  Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is gentle and easy. The massage therapist uses long, gentle strokes across the body to ease muscles and release tension from the body.  It is great for muscle knots and for first-timers to massage.

2.  Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is designed for people who work hard and their muscles tell the story, as well as for anyone else who is stressed. The deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage except the therapist uses short, targeted strokes that focus on specific areas of pain within the body.

3.  Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses hot stones to ease tired, overworked muscles, relieving tension and flare-ups and pain. The massage is not painful but instead provides instant relief to the body and to the skin.

4.  Sports Massage

different types of massage in Highlands Rancho CO

Sports massage is great for athletes who injure their muscles and who are at a greater risk for injury due to sports. Sports massage focuses on the areas most at risk and can even help reduce your risks of being injured.

This is not a full list of the types of massages available, but a few of the most popular types that people schedule and enjoy the most. Schedule massage services and reap the rewards offered from a massage. No matter which massage type you choose, you’ll love the benefits and how you feel when all is done. Do not wait to treat yourself to this service and the exciting benefits that it offers.